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A-Star Tuition Centre is a leading provider of private education at primary and secondary level and Adult Literacy And Numeracy (ALAN) in West London. We deliver expert tuition in most subjects particularly in English, Maths, Science and modern languages for Primary, SATS, 11+, 12+, 13+, GCSE, AS and A2 levels, using small classes, dedicated professional tutors and a broad range of challenging exercises.


Our primary focus is to help pupils enter the UK’s top public and private secondary schools and universities. Our knowledge of the examination and entrance process enables us to give our students the confidence they need to do well in their tests and examinations.

At A-Star Tuition Centre, we believe that the discussion of an individual pupil’s education is the most effective way of formulating an effective strategy to achieve desired results. We consider our discussions with parents very important, and value their input and cooperation in their children’s development.
A-Star Tuition Centre is committed to fostering and maintaining a close relationship with our students and their parents. We encourage parents to contact us and discuss the progress of their children and the performance of our tutors.

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